Boys and Alcohol

another drink?
no not for me.
i know what the sauce can do.
changes your mind.
makes you do things you normally wouldn’t
it can make you mean.
it can make you retarded.
it can kill you on the road.
if you are not careful.
its ok to chill have a drink or two.
but you should know when to stop.
you should not make such a fool of yourself.
whiskey will make you mean.
and tequila will make your clothes fall off.
when clothes come off you make mistakes.
have little surprises when a period never comes.
if you are a woman you will cry and say what did i just do.
men say will i have to?
but there is always those few.
who are smarter.
who know when to stop themselves.
who know when alcohol is unnecessary.
if i drank once a week i would be disappointed in myself.
if i had kids they will never see me drunk.
i am far too familiar with how easy it is.
for alcohol to ruin a family and friendship.
but i say to all you boys. if you are not willing to be a father.
keep it in your pants.
no woman deserves to take care of one by themselves.
and it makes you look like shit and it shows you are not a man.
i am proud to say if i got a girl pregnant i would marry her.
be there for her.
and the child.
so if the risk of a kid is worth the fun.
take the responsibilities of a father it it comes.


things going in my head but i don't know why. i always thought if i was to get a girl pregnant hat i would take care of them and be there for them. i hate in when boys do not take responsibility for their actions. especially when it comes to sex. you don't get to do it if you are scared of being a father. you don't jut cheat the woman you slept with you are cheating that child. of the father they deserve. and it makes you look like a coward.

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