Day by Day

I don’t ask for much at all just you.
how sweet in everything you do.
You seem to have my heart.
seems you’ve had piece from the start.
You can be my princess.
And I can be your crazy mess.
You can keep me in check when im bad.
I will cheer you up when you seem sad.
ill keep you warm at night.
hold your hand until were out of sunlight.
I will dance with you in the middle of nowhere.
Aslong as im with you I don’t really care.
You wont see this until tonight and that’s okay.
it will give me time to think of what to say.
you stir my mind and lock my eye.
no matter how much I can sit and deny.
I want to make you blush I hope that’s ok.
everything we can share can be taken day by day.
I wish to ask a question I hope that’s fine.
But princess will you be mine?


Some feeling ive been having... to quick? I can take things slow.

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