Envy Of Morning

I open my eyes to see the sunrise out my window.
I stretch my arms up really high then stretch down low.
I walk directly to my bathroom to take a shower to awaken me.
I get out soaking wet and grab my towel as I walk to my out.
I begin shivering while I look for some clothes to walk about.
I open my laptop to listen to music as I finish getting ready.
Nothing to loud or quiet just music that is easy and steady.
I finish in my room, and walk down the stairs to grab my shoes.
As I put them on I sit down to watch the morning television news.
Its boring but I always seem to be intrigued by it for some reason.
I guess I just like to see the temperature in the season.
Im almost finished getting ready as I walk up and fix my hair.
I don’t know why but I love to make sure my hair looks good with care.
Im ready to walk out the door as I pour myself a cup of envy.
And walk out the wooden door and lock it with the key.


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