A summary? How is thou to write a summary, when a summary is a description of something worthful? I have had few worthful experiences since i turned 12. Now my life is very different. I am emo, emotional, a cutter, and  a very hurt, and depressed about to be teen. I might even be bipolar. I cannot tell you of a life  oh so FULL of happiness, because if I said that's how my life is or was, I would be lying. I cannot tell of a time, since I turned 12, that I have not thought of killing myself neither. I see things, That's the main cause of my negative feelings. They caused almost all of this pain and hurt. But they made me realize how really cruel the world is, and how it's oh so full of pain, tears, and sadness, and even fear. I am the way I am, and all of it together in the past year, has made me suicidal. i am the way I am, and I do NOT want to live a different life, but this one DOES need help. I am just too afraid to get help. I have told people of my problems. Some have told me to get help.  WELL HOW ABOUT YOU OUT YOUR HEART WHERE YOUR MIND THINKS IT'S PLACE IS RIGHTFUL!!!  I know I need help, but I need you to help. Any and everyone. Please pray for me, and PLEASE don't tell me to get help. I dont want you to TELL me to get help, I want you to BE help.

Emotional, True, Worthful, Caring, From the heart