I might not be able to see her but I know.
From the moment I last saw her eyes glow.
She is a million types of amazing.
I miss her but I am still waiting.
She relaxes my thoughts and gives me hope.
I try to take care or her and she helps me cope.
Even not being able to talk I know we are strong.
Even if held from each other for a while long.
She cools me down when I am mad.
Slaps me if I am being bad.
I can tell when she’s upset I can just feel it.
And not being able to help her makes me feel like shit.
We have only feeling of heart keeping us bonded to one another.
We are held apart but we will not go under.
We are fighters and will be until put to rest.
But we move forward striving for the best.


I cant see her. I can't hear her. I cant tell you where she is. Or what she is doing. But i can feel her. I can feel when she is upset or mad. Its like a 6th sense. I can just feel her. even when not being able to speak to her. I know.

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