Giving In

I’m having to give in.
Yet this is the happiest I’ve been.
I’m tired of you throwing a fit.
And you not giving a shit.
You put my heart in a full spin.
The touch of your soft skin.
I have bended over backwards.
She met higher than my standards.
She apologized to me.
She asked for a plea.
I cried about the thought.
After all we had fought.
I couldn’t say no.
I didn’t know how to show.
How I really felt.
After she gave me such a welt.
I hated her for this.
I just had to see her bliss.
We just needed a recess.
To be able to posses.
What was really ours.
So I brought her flowers.
I missed her so very much.
And her warm soft touch.


Im giving in on her. i don't know why i cant get mad at her. It eats me up inside of the thought of being away from her.

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