Heartfelt Thoughts

Music reminds me of time we’ve spent.
Sometimes I wish it had not went.
Memories of you and I are the best.
There will always be one that beats the rest.
That’s when we had our first kiss.
Oh those sweet lips did I suddenly miss.
The smile you gave me the moment after.
Oh how many times we’ve had of laughter.
But none match the time when I kissed you.
In the snow and I opened my eyes to see blue.
So I ask what was your favorite memory?
Was it when I held you and sang you a melody?
Was it when I kissed you soaking wet?
Was it the first moment we had met?
Was it when I gave you my Remington hat?
I love all of them and I can promise you that.
Make sure you sleep and dream well.
And let your beautiful heart of love swell.


Had a lot on my mind and i was overwhelmed so i decided to write a love poem for my love.

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