Her Ways

I have so much to say.
But why don’t you just stay.
You don’t need to move.
We just got in to a groove.
I will work for you.
All you will have to do.
Is say you love me.
I don’t ask to a high degree.
You make me want to try harder
I will always be your arbor.
To watch you climb higher.
To fulfill every need and desire.
She is just so extremely hot.
Her kisses hit the spot.
Her body is so beautiful and pure.
Sometimes just to much to endure.
You cant describe her eyes.
If you try she always denies.
She’s mean when your nice.
Words with such spice.
When I saw her my jaw dropped.
While my beating heart stopped.
I call her out as my baby.
And also as my leading lady.

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