Just a Love Story

Holding you tight hands around your waist.
I kiss your lips like strawberry’s they taste.
Dreaming of starting our lives together.
Seeing each other being together forever.
You taught me how I should’ve been treated.
Instead of fighting and always having me heated.
You have me wrapped around your finger.
Around your lips is where I love to linger.
I come running bringing you a bouquet.
Next to me is where I hope you stay.
The way your eyes lighten up when you smile.
Hoping you are able to stay for just a little while.
You mean more to me than the ground where I stand.
Coming down from this cloud I would protect you from our land.
I know people have tossed your love without a care.
And I know it wasn’t fair.
I promise to protect you with everything in my being.
Because you are the only thing I love, only thing I, m seeing.
You take away my words not knowing what to say.
But I hope you are there with me next Valentines Day.

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