Sex has never truly been a priority to me.
And I think that is the way love should be.
It shouldn’t be if you are going to get some tonight.
But more of doing what is right.
Love does not run off of lust and sexual feeling.
It is happiness and mutual problem dealing.
Sex is something that has been blown up to be needed.
By society in which everyone has been conceded.
People never look at the things that truly matter.
Sex is just a thing that can make a relationship shatter.
So guys before you think about “going to town.”
Think if she is the one you want to settle down.


sex can be fun, sex can feel good, but it should be a way of committing yourself to that certain someone. Men have always had a sense to push for sex when it is unneeded and bring trouble at the moment. You shouldn't push for sex if your girl is not wishing for it or ready. She will have much more respect for you if you don't push for it. I promise you that much guys.

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