I sip my coffee as I talk to my friends about school policy.
Then move from that all the way through politics and theocracy.
I love talking to him because we always somehow agree.
We have much in common and find each other to be an appointee.
He has thought about going to college to get an associate degree.
Then I go to class and count seconds I’m out of science.
Then I go hang out with some friends in which we’ve made an alliance.
I talk to a few girls that I kind of like with a nice compliance.
My parents worry and say I have to much of an reliance.
I don’t exactly know if I agree with them on that subject.
I wish they would see it from my point of view and find they are incorrect.
Although I know I need some guidance and a little bit of direct.
But for my parents I will never lose my respect.
My life evolves around girls, poetry and music mostly.
I with hold this music of mine very closely.
Its what relieves stress and drama I deal with socially.
And I live in a time that I find very remotely.
I didn’t see anything fun in the society I live in.
We don’t have anything I this time to claim as a win.
I hope the time is a hell of a lot better for my kin.
Because this fallen world we live in is full of nothing but sin.


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