Some Honesty

You want honesty? Well you cant say I am lying.

i understand consequences must be paid.
trust and chances always begin to fade.
waiting? I don’t mind I am patient and I am young.
1 strike. 2 strike. 3 strike. i swung.
too many mistakes i had. now i must sit out.
i hate arguing i truly do id rather just pout.
although i just need an answer.
i didn’t want a lecture.
someday everyone will see and understand.
that this s not just a girlfriend she is my love.
More than my life and the heavens above.
i will probably set here and just cry.
but really all i can do is try.
but hey if you want honesty you have it.
i will sit here and have a fit.
i do not hate you for your decisions.
i just broke your expectations.
you can bet your ass i am not toxic for your daughter.
oh make sure you sit down and drink some water.
i will ALWAYS love Kayli and that will never change.
i don’t care if you think it might be strange.
if you wish to know you did not break us up in any way.
you just put us on pause since the other day.
we will pick it right back up like we had just started.
me and her have always had a love anyways that was uncharted.
do i care? not really and not at all for that matter.
although i have a sanity that just might shatter.
don’t worry i am not planning on running away with her again.
but if she asks me to do something i will ask her where and when.
if she needs help with a project i will be on my way.
i will always be there for her even if i have to walk a million miles astray.
if she is upset and she calls me i will talk to her and make her laugh until she falls asleep.
until she is happy and not in a weep.
you should be proud of her she can make everybody so happy.
oh but i am not trying to be sappy.
i might not be her lover but i will always be her best friend.
and no matter what i always will be until the very end.  
does she like her ear rings? i hope she does.
its the color of blue that brings out her eyes and that she loves.
so i promise i will always and i say always do what i can.
and that is something i was honest about Anne.


You were right. We have ever been truly honest with you but that was just out of being scared of the consequences that would have been laid down on us. yet again i am sorry. but if you were looking for some honesty its right there. if yo want anymore just call you have my number. and i am not trying to make you mad or piss you off. but i just thought i could give you some honesty you were always looking for. I love you an Kayli i hope all of you a wonderful Christmas.

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