The One Who Did Not Fall

I cant wait to see him.
He has been across where boats swim.
He will come marching tall.
Because he prayed and did not fall.
Marching in black boots.
In clean sharp suits.
He is so big and very bold.
He is made of what seems like gold.
His comrades fell.
He doesn’t talk about the hell.
Of being there in the hot sun.
It was far from fun.
He cried when he saw my mother.
I didn’t know how he could love another.
I froze when I saw him, marching tall.
Because he was the one who did not fall.


I was thinking of my uncle when i wrote this. people really take advantage of what we have. In America and how amazing and blessed we are to live in such a country. We should count ourselves lucky. and pray for the ones over shores. because we would have nothing with out them.

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