Trying To Get By

We have to try to work this out.
Instead of just sitting here in a pout.
Lets not make this harder than it is.
Because I love you and I try to forgive.
I hate to see you so pissed off.
Im stuck on a bridge I meant to get across.
You really do have the wrong idea.
I don’t want to just say seeya.
No I cant do that not now and not ever.
Because I am meant to be with you forever.
Do just what makes you happy to get by.
If im not in it ill get by with a sigh.
I pray to god to keep you safe at night.
When your not standing in the light.
Where I can protect you from evil.
Because you are all my one major.
Piece missing in this life of mine.
As such a beautiful design.
Im not trying to keep you with a poem.
I just need you to roam.
And ponder on this big thought.
I have time to wait for a conclusion.
Just don’t leave me forever in confusion.


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