For wandering wizards

Once upon a time there was a thoughtful little girl
Who looked deep down inside herself
And found a secret world.
Its moonrises were brighter than each morning’s golden dawn.
Then it was gone.
Once, so very long ago, there was a little boy
Who searched both high and low
For something that would bring him joy.
He found a country in himself where passion’s fire burned.
Then he returned.
Once there was a lonesome ghost who longed for something more
Than the opaque world around itself,
A world worth living for.
It haunts the place the children found, thinking it has a home.
But it’s alone.
Long ago, I lived far from the petty, pointless strife
Of disorganized chaos in the game that we call life.
Sometimes worlds we seek are far too happy to avow.
Where am I now?

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