At first a low hint, a whiff,
Noticeable but not noteworthy.
Faint even,
Displeasure being too strong a sensation.
It lingers on, this very same scent,
But gains memento somehow,
Beginning to stink,
As the nose begins to hold,
And scour for its whereabouts.
The stench now reeks,
Unbearable, this same low hint.
Intensified by constant affinity,
Escape from it a necessity.
Raw and red,
Nearly burnt by the scrub,
And new as the daisies,
MADDENING! That foul stench persists.
For hidden inside and away from view,
Dead bones are wasting away,
Emitting a reek from behind the walls;
A stifling past,
Of that there is no escape.

And the clean coming will hurt
And you can never get it spotless
When there's dirt beneath the dirt
The liar take a lot less time

-Dance Little Liar, Arctic Monkeys

Unfortunately can't post the vimeo vid, which is the only one worthwhile, if interested you can find it here:

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alrededor de 7 años

Thanks Patricia, I may try that ;)

Patricia May Neiderer
alrededor de 7 años

a little essences of rose and a hint of jasmine
with a little love and lavenderwill help to eradicate the nose of the abuse
that life has bestowed.Enjoyed it!

alrededor de 7 años

Thanks Julia!

Julia W
alrededor de 7 años

Wow! This is so powerful and eerie... I love it!

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