Lower the shutters you are safe your are well, prepare to erase your own living hell
The voyage began with shutters ajar, sorting through images setting the bar
And so it became that the flames did ignite, pushing the buttons you fight or you flight
An infinity of exposure, of this I can tell, will lead you to heaven, or show you a hell
And deep you must delve, be buoyant and brave, honest and forthright find light in the cave
Your hopes and your dreams, your heart felt desires, caught up in the tangles of infinite wires
Nor rushing or plunder will locate the start, a life that began with the beat of a heart
A grain of sand hidden in valleys and glen, take yourself back to where you were then
Search for the smile, the song, or a face, hold onto it tight and hasten the pace
It may take some time it may not relate, how garbage expanded and nailed down your fate
As the tangles unravel unleashing the knots, keep hold of what’s needed, discard all that rots
As the shutters unfurl, treat time like no other, repetition bore skill your personal mother



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