For lily and George

Oh how I am blessed  beautiful twins of mine
So small and adorable worth more than a rhyme
Nine months of fear the worrying places
Eased away when I viewed your faces
Twenty delicate fingers Twenty little toes
Four hours sleep and more washing than anyone knows
Breasts that will burst if you dare to touch
Alien nipples that stick out to much
Baggy flesh a stomach bib
Your very first abandoned crib
But great things are now to come
Double trouble and a shrinking tum
And here we are alive and well
As the years unfold more tales to tell
And last but not least we must thank Ted
The clever bloke who fertilised
Your egg
Your egg


Children motherhood

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plus de 6 ans

Great.A woman after my own heart,simple,uncomplicated poems that do exactly what's written on the tin.Clever


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