When bad people are caught or found out for doing bad things, people in positions of power are given the job of discipline or punishment.  To the bad'ns, the PEOPLE in authority are scary/frightening.  The people in authority are to be feared.  In my life, no, my life is, the fear I have learned to have.  This fear I am telling of is not of any man.  This fear is of something much greater.  This fear is of a power that is as clear as air to me now and as sure as the sun.  This fear is not of anything you may know about.  This fear is, simply put, my approach to everything in this world.  There is an old book that is also a very good book which states a truth that you can bet your life on.  If you like treasure hunts, check out Proverbs 1:7 when you have a Bible handy.  Winkey Face.  And to quote lil wayne's eyeballs, "Fear God"

Deepest Zone