Shams in stark raving silence peek like the morning moon
chewing the rubber Fillings that fall from the mind of jesus
finish those limiting transactions while the time Is out soon
i wouldn’t care more for the Door to swing off and leave us
in tune With so many songs on this horizontal tear
light up those dynamite Chorus birds mating inside of thee
if anything interrupts their screaming Tyranny—i fear—
nobody Will notice the giggling dragons dividing me
should i Want them to notice—why, yes i should want to
that mainly Fry a hole in the sanctity of these morbid shores
Sure, there would and will be some window pained break thru
likely overflowing Pocket smiles pasted across the floors
for Dreams should fit like a moment in the great expand
falling Away from calculation to drift in stymied stagnous
choose your Weapon violently with your necro-wounded hand
and make your malice known Before they bolt it down and drag us
off into Their Sunset of cinder.


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