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Talking turns into yelling, yelling turns into screaming.
Screaming turns into hitting and slapping though.
You try to pretend it never happened but you have to change how you look at that person again.
It will never be the same.

All you see is blood and nothing more,
Red, red, and more red with a mix you tears coming down your face .
People don’t underastand half of the time how it feels to have that done to do unless you have been through it which most people haven’t or they refuse to speak about it.

Crying on the ground, barely any noise, no feeling left in your body, going numb, loosing everything that is left of you.

Being left with sadness, despair, hatred, hopelessness, and so much more that can’t be expressed.

Everyone has a secret
Some are bigger than others
We never want to remember the things that happened in the past
They affect us and our future

We want to cover up our secrets
But most of us don’t realize that everyone can see right through us

The longer we keep a secret the worse they get
We see people happy, couples laughing,
And all we think “why can’t i be happy”
Not all of us know what happiness is

No one is perfect
We all have a secret
Some of us write them down
But most of us bury them inside us and let them eat us alive

“Secret secrets are no fun unless you share with everyone”
No one understands that some secrets aren’t meant for others to hear
Just for some people to know

Write your secrets down and let them fly free, let them go and worry no more.

Everyone believes that black is dangerous, stands for death and sin
Where white is good creates happiness.
For some people black is all they have, being alone, cold and scared
Where others are happy having wind blow through their hair.
Not all of us are made to have an easy life, some struggle either with money or staying alive
While some of us through money away like its nothing and don’t care about anything.
A lot of people are struggling and most don’t care anymore all they care is that they are happy.
Most people pray to be happy because they have never felt that.
Some of us are in the black which to most is scary or creates fear.
While some of us dance through the white.
Some people only know black for their whole life and they wonder...
“Where is the white?”