Grew up on the otherside of perfect. Raised from addiction and poverty. From combat to churches and from prayers to pipes I always maintained my sense of morals. Patriot within his own mind who spent his senior year of high school fighting for a false sense of freedom. It's ironic to me how unless I agree to be controlled and follow rules made from another man's morals, then I'm doomed to the same fate but called by two seperate names, depending what side of the opposition you stand on. It doesn't matter to me what they call me, I've probably been called worse by better. Either way, I live by only one law and that law is freedom. If I am not hurting another human being in anyway, then I am in no way breaking any law of life. Ill fight for everyone's right to freedom if it doesn't oppose others. They used to call me a soldier for that. Times have changed but I have not. My guilt from war hasn't gotten any lighter, but my title still changed to an outlaw or a freedom fighter.

PTSD, Tragedy, Depression