The Long Thin String

why am I always late
racing to the gate
wondering of my fate
you’ll make it is what they say
arrive, just another delay
when will I get on my way
the announcement,
boarding to your seat
staring blankly at my feet
hoping friends I will meet
once settled and seated
I was never greeted
wondering if I’ll ever get what I needed
staring out the window at the sky
high above it all I fly
asking questions with a why
Do I know the answers that I seek
It’s been too long I feel bleak
need to see him, makes me weak
in the knees, in the chest
so much more than all the rest
I wonder if it’s all a test
All this distance, all this time
I’d stayed his, had he stayed mine
couldn’t wait to talk & drink some wine
stare into each other’s eyes
and experience all the highs
feel his hands wrapped around my thighs
slowly sliding up to my lips
digging down into my hips
taking him in, like tiny sips
seeing into each other’s souls
filling our voids, patching those holes
deep inside each other, our only goal
feeling the moments last so long
I knew this could never be wrong
meant for each other, together the perfect song.

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