At dawn, when we suddenly awake,
We feel the innocence of Blake.
As the day unfolds, on struggling most
There comes reflection, like roads of Frost.
Upon reading stories of woe
We revisit in poetry lines of Poe.
Then we delve into love gems of Shakespeare
To keep up inspiration throughout the year.
For transcendental thought we move on
To understand “Celestial Love” of Emerson.
This often leads us to mystical love poetry
In the company of Rumi.
A journey along “Keep Me Fully Glad”
Adds sensitivity, freshness, lore of Tagore.
Now, a token of praise for major Pessoa
Whose heteronyms flood Lisboa...
Immersed in their lines of Love,
Beauty, Dreams, Wisdom galore
We humbly sing, yet learn and live more...


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Maria Do Céu Pires Costa
alrededor de 5 años

I'm glad once you've enjoyed it.
Thank you!

alrededor de 5 años


Maria Do Céu Pires Costa
más de 5 años

Two of my favourite poets/thinkers!

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