Passing Time

Passing Time

por Maya Angelou

Your skin like dawn
Mine like musk

One paints the beginning
of a certain end.

The other, the end of a
sure beginning.

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We die,
Welcoming Bluebeards to our darkening closets,
Stranglers to our outstretched necks,

When you come to me, unbidden,
Beckoning me
To long-ago rooms,

One innocent spring
your voice meant to me
less than tires turning

Her arms semaphore fat triangles,
Pudgy hands bunched on layered hips
Where bones idle under years of fatback

In what other lives or lands
Have I known your lips

They went home and told their wives,
that never once in all their lives,
had they known a girl like me,

You drink a bitter draught.
I sip the tears your eyes fight to hold
A cup of lees, of henbane steeped in chaff.

I keep on dying again.
Veins collapse, opening like the
Small fists of sleeping

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