Acknowledge What Love has to do with US

Sol, that Pathway into our System
travelling millions and millions and
so many millions of miles too
warm our faces in these Spring’ of our
elated freedom’ in the warmth’ from
our Sol, our One Brightest System Star!
So, do we; the each of US accept this
as our own reality? That this brightness
is due to the “light” of  Our System’ Sol?
Are we that simplified still? Are we any
more or less curious of this happening as
an we each breathe event?
Which does occur in every day of our perceived lives…
We assume; we accept, we bow down to this
“light”; not in shame, but, because we are
instructed to do so…
Now, I ask each of you; all of you
that are of the All of US beings that
believe in their own humanity…
Ready you’re self; ready your selves, ready
your souls to travel Sol far away…
through all of Space and Time and Space
and Time; and Space…
You’re going to need a strong will to travel
with me; so ready your souls to fly
so very high, so very far, away from
this here to the new there and now…
Self is defined as? Some thing other
than reality; as flesh is reality? As
thought and soul is surreal, and not reality…
Until “you can fly; you can fly, you will fly”
“up, up, and away”, with me until
Eden as Earth, is no longer a memory…
Tomorrow what will; will come for you, all
tomorrow is just a few more hours
away; tomorrow, may be too late!
Sol Awakes; as will IAM, and IAM will
thank my Father Creator of this Entire Universe
for my awakening breath and “trust” that I
will be allowed to experience many
more moments as these…
Will  fly’ above this Eden; of this there is doubt?
Yes, for many beings this is a most profound
question, unless you are a human being…
Go figure; this is a most perplexing profundity
and quite a thought full of thinking; Ya Think!
Maybe, just maybe you will; start thinking!
of just what Truth and Love truly implies…
Around this garden as we go about our lives
our Sol will do as our Souls do
well; exploding, eruptions of cosmic
energies out and all about and
around; but we still do not see…
This energy; from either Sol or We…
and do we understand any thing of this
work of art or craft of being either
of our Sol, or of our Souls?
certainly we must notice the differences that
are occurring all around this earth; or
are we too simple minded, or so blinded
or so smug…
Love is but a word; as is Sol, and Soul
and so… What is your thought of any
of these four words; LOVE, SOL, SOUL
and SO? Perhaps write each word
in pen; script, pencil, or a child’ crayon?
Will this cause you troubling pains, will you
waste any of your T.V. time, will you
STOP just for a few moments and do
this; write in crayon these four words?
Survive this inhuman Race which the
species of humanity is staging…
IAM knows this as do you all; but, will
this Love survive unstained by humanity
and the inhuman ways in which humanity expresses
Love against Father’, Mother’, Sister’ and Brother’
each one of these human beings being humans…
Itself, is an interesting term as itself implies
one within one… and this is a human
trait or species characteristic if you
will; or can you? Survive
without a physical body because Love is
full of itself; we trust in this as reality
because Love is only that; we trust?
Humanity is not so full of itself that it would
explode! You trust this could never occur
but, take yourselves physically higher and
guess what does occur!
Explodes does every body human, like a
“Fourth of July” firecracker!
No more human’ being!
What to do, what to do, what to do
with all of that meat!!!
Implodes does the less than shallow minded, smug
americant dream! No more is? Mo Mora!
Dreams? Or will’, or things; or Dominion!
Unload your drawer’! Drop trowel and clean your cracks!
WOW! You have received your first spiritual
hack! And IAM ain’t wrightin bout taxi drivers!
You’re little bits of gray matter, that bit you use
in your daily uses of it; are about the size of
a speck of fly shite! Why? Because you humans
only use your gray matter on shite that
does not matter! You do not matter!
Wholes, are two halves… Yea… two halves make one whole
and that whole has an asp’ whole and a pie whole
making the each of you all just one whole full of whole
or one whole full of shite, or just one shite whole…
Eden now a shite whole for in-human human asp wholes
who knows, well let me tell you all this much
Your old DAD sure as shite knows!!!
So, just what does Love have to do with all of US?


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