Alluring Creatures

across this, the living walk
on this day’s colourless rainbows
all life thus returning, to this faux solace
falling for eternity in the darkest night’s skies
as wind’s waves scream, over one’s possessions
one intimate thought, held tight within their minds
trailing death and Id’s angst in a swirl of echo’ smoke
this plummeting free fall feeds one’s uncaring wilderness
in rabid consciousness one’s natures, entice souls rush to eat
greed, and carnal thirsts sauté, this faire of conscience consumed
as hunger’s leaned, it’s missive imparts and infinity’s clock strikes twelve
the chiming tones ring on, endlessly intoning across the nevermore
explicating such grief, as all life bleeds, a vernal ponding dream
seeped in immortality’s void, and a heart’s damning thesis
in one’s dreams, and in reality’s stark admissions flay
reality’s bliss, within each lifetime, as non-existent
leaving US aghast, and wildly tripping over this
your inconceivable, gutlessness, play at life
struggling for parity, yet wanting tithes
from all of your lifetimes efforts
Ha! so you up and 'F’in die?


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