Inspired by Jaya Chandran

Within the living ruin
of ghostly shimmering heat,
lays one hunter seeking
that essence of the soul he hunts,
and while in stealth,
of shades captured by lusts want;
a glimpse of her, his haunting prey,
he so benignly sees.
He slowly marks
the sweating charms she drops,
as clues to where,
in this world of ruined loves
she now to runs;
and designs his signs
in rhyming words for her,
to read i, the knowledge
that she seeks
his hunters blade as hers.
For abounding is the lust
in both hunter and hunted,
and guided by the scent
of her quest for more than love;
he moves ever closer
to the source of her wanting nest’
sure in capture blessed,
by his massive bow strung arrow.
At once upon the shadows
of her side he calmly walks,
aware of the danger
in the hunt for one’s passion faux;
across the moments in life,
now lost in the sands of time;
he will bare the costs,
in the capture
of a loved soul eyed.

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over 6 years

Aloha My Dear Friend and Fellow Bard Daniella...Too cool... US ttwo foolish word slingers... hanging upon threads of banter, whatever... with one slender nail keeping out fall into a void or is it ether? either or neither? nether under your rodes and hoods and expressing all of your good... things to read and educate and maybe become "Something Sweeter than Chocolate" of the finest Swiss blend... ever been to the lakes of Zurich? or upon the Matterhorn in the morning? Or, down in Patpong? doing the "Blondie" thing all week long! Yes my dear one... words of rapport are indeed more fun than physicallity, being a practical son of a begger... wanting nothing other than a warm palm which has not been marked up by sin! Are you in? to the enevitable of an ending of this dimension? and an entry into the fifth? taking nothing at all of your essence with you and joining up with all of your relations? Then, should, could, we become one again... I would be in you, while you are upon me! and all this for no fee! as back in the 60.s! Tricky is as Dickie did... brought US to a stand still while water-gating washington! Now let you and I begin at the beginning of all thought... that one which began the all of US... are you in on this... you and all of my sisters hanging with you? and not one of those who wants new clothes everyday of the year or else! Questions, questions, quoting westernized womankind... an oxymoron if I ever used one... and I have used many... thousands played the game of hide the oscar meyer and I dogged each whole completely... read me? Now, I am replent to send out my word to each and everyone of this world... Killing and Screwing around with any life or taking any soul to wife... creates universal strife and it is no fun... do we agree? Thank you so very much for pushing this particular button... and not that big one! Like our "Vlade" has in mind! Should you and yer earthly dad get interested in any of the posted goods I fly... be my friendly guests and feast upon them... mix a few of your thoughts and words with them... and fly a more powerful tome... and just maybe... the species human will remain intact... and not become extinct... like all of those created by our only father... yours and mine and all or ours... think about how hard a "bitch slap" from his hand would expand an individual's university or make one shit and pee all over themselves! I do express my platonic love for you... All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two.

over 6 years

Aloha Michael,
I enjoy reading you work, its intelligent and beautifully done, I will try my best to separate the serious from fun! to be honest I have been a little selfish reading your verses, taken, I am not alone in my thinking, I felt I was maybe mentally a circus!? ...........I hope to continue this conversation, there is a desire to make further investigation, I imagine you to be a really "full" mind....and I do not doubt, reading your words, greatly intense and ever so kind! I imagine you tire in your soul .... and carry great emotional weight that all take their toll. Be assured none of that has moved through and stolen your time , Because your work should prove to you, always, your in your prime!.
But I'm no educated, well read nor qualified commentator, I'm common, a cockney girl, but I am no Michael1two hater! SO, I hope to my "free typing" brings a little bit of joy, definitely (I hope) not ment to irritate or annoy!? Anyway for now my friend I must , depart must leave, back In a couple of hours..some thoughts for my free writing I must retrieve! Hopefully we will catch up later, well wishes I send to you and yours! maybe attempt my first "draft" clear out what's hidden behind this minds doors!Oh dear oh dear hahahaha x

over 6 years

Aloha Daniella...An interesting detail have I in reply... Daniel was my first given middle name...but most of the time I am called Hey You! works good for me... at my age I have let go of my concerns and just let the words fly as they are willed... I trust you to feel comfortable as you peruse through a few of my posts... and perhaps grasp the intent and especially the point of each... I thank you again for your interest in this particular write and do hope that your will find meaning and enjoyment combined with a few laughs and some serious personal thoughts of your worth to this universe from taking the hit from those of mine which do count... All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two.

over 6 years

Aloha, you are more than welcome...yes I have been nicknamed "the observer" funny enough! I loved it, not sure if I have perceived it right, but it appeared to want to make me feel slightly uncomfortable but it was written to well, the words to...umm delicate to warrant that uneasy feeling . Its great! to be able to execute chaos into something beautiful without loosing any of its edge!! sooooo clever! All the best from all this to you and yours too x

over 6 years

Aloha Daniella...
thank your for this visit, read, and for your astute observations and clarifying comments... it is good to be ever more sharp... All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two.

over 6 years

Really like this! like the "For abounding is the lust in both hunter and hunted what a great though out , great words welll written line ;-) look forward to reading more

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