My question, draws upon my emptiness,
withdrawn into an endless void in mind;
this presence’s gist, a thoughtless mist,
the future is obscure, and lost to what was mine;
eternity stalled, what does one mime,
will health be shorn, will soul be given time;
My question grows, does certainty exist,
that a wounded spirit does indeed so heal;
upon what promise does this thought persist,
will efforts made be futile, or become my daily meal;
alias this painful loneliness, my calm the fates resist,
what depth is reached within, time’s passing will reveal;
My question, remains unanswered, I call out to all,
does anyone care to answer, can anyone console;
these wounds to soul, this heart swallowed whole,
this flesh once strong, now weakening beyond control;
in human terms, with humane concerns, of human soul,
your thoughts I troll, your assistance, I enroll.
Michael Darrell Walker
Apanthropinization n 1880 -1880
withdrawal from human concerns or the human world

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