Earth Soul

Dark, heavy,
and so very weeping hot,
are the streams of tears,
which do now flow
and beat down upon
the breasts of mother earth;
as each life she nurtures
is caught up into the rash, wicked,
and sin filled demonic whirl,
that is the current living way,
of all too many souls.
In each passing moment,
as she so mournfully cries,
a million souls are lost
to foolish human pride;
and love as she is fond
to fully give, is cast aside
by each soul that lives
in stress and pain of mind;
alone and darkened
by shames hideously twisted crimes,
living in fearful thoughts,
and visions of their lives.
As tears
from those lost
in wickedness, weep
to fill the agony
within Earth’s Soul;
she does so completely swell
and in the moments spent
in grinding wrenching pain,
her shoulders clinch,
her breath of life is stopped,
and rage bellows towards
her sacred loves one spot;
to fuel the braying cries,
of her soul so deeply wrought.
The mix of tears,
wrung from weary and lesser souls,
cause indecision in her thoughts
now turned icy cold;
and human shame,
which brought her brow to tightly fold,
is the single thing
that in her thinking
she does hold;
of how to end humankind’s legacy
of hate filled death and pain,
and bring our souls to her,
so on Earth, we can remain.
Michael Darrell Walker

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