Capitalism’s Legacy

The struggle for survival’s
questionable stability,
exhausts the best
of your energy for life;
Assumption’s sass
rears its snoot in snide reality,
as one’s mind gets mired
in each day’s strife;
Imposition is…
one’s proffering personal probability,
present tense is dimmed
and mimes the taste of shite;
Currently each new dawn
lessens humankind’s mortality,
ground to ash and dust is trust
in quest of living’s freight;
Requiring debt as one’s worth
is society’s useless falsity,
perplexed at best
social wrongs are our wage’s weight;
Our bodies trashed…
prove profiteering’s causality,
producing weakness, early death
and excruciating mental fright;
Attention people…
peonage is your potential’s totality,
under the thumbs
of the neo-conning Reich;
Reveals this fact
as a simplistic static complicity,
you, have swung away
and earned your life’s three strikes;
This dilemma fractures US…
experiencing life is one’s complexity,
water, housing, food, and fun
leave you broke oh yikes;
Nation’s birth, now suspicious work
forlorn is its admissibility,
for in its net worth
lays the quandary of capitalism’s gripes;
Direction, not an erection’s height
will lead US from this bipolarity,
cunning’s tongue reminds the sense
not to lap over what is wiped;
Turned to bare, that sight beheld
even by those with capitalism’s cecity,
in opened eyes the tears show clear
those neo-conned…
make dear the cloth that’s striped;
Away with words that skin the fruit
senescence soon trumps a life’s assiduity,
similar to that which profit’s crush creates
impune is the useless product hyped;
From energy comes all known life
but life is more than capitalistic adiposity,
the cure for this is nothing less
than a worldwide enema administered by profit’s antitype;
The rule that rues the highest roost
is necessarily a massing crowd’s fatuity,
in conversations you know this truth
a neo-conned shill proves the laughing chype;
Battle strong against this kind
your words will prove their point’s banality,
be firm in mind against their stand
that capitalism is more than the profit hunter’s snipe;
Against common sense these minions test
the capacity of their learned gulosity,
with wisdom’s sift your words will shift
an argumentative lie to a truth that smites;
Tyranny was cause for our nation’s ideal
that rule by the few the people proved an inutility,
and now as then the times arrived
long overdue is the solution to our current plight;
Towards the future turn and do not look back
your tasks will prove as a societal limpidity,
dare to name the names and inflame the rage
to effect change by vitiation is your birthright;
Self-destruction is never a worthy ploy
but capitalism has proved this world’s liability,
the capitalist’s behaviour has spoiled this nest
from this soiled environment you must alight;
Chaos has proved the neo-cons toy
we must make this to them, an acidic acerbity,
surely the masses can stop kissing their asses
and the world’s next act we can in peace rewrite;
And then perhaps begin a more humane exist
putting behind US all neo-conning iniquity,
until this moment we must prepare
for their wicked intent is through chaology incite;
Annihilation of you and all of your worth
by deceit and the maligning of your liberality,
against this push we each must stand
you and yours are humanities last lunette;
Enough of these touched lightly points
you are experiencing the neo-con impassivity,
and through the decades of your sleep
your inactivity has impassioned their thought’s cocotte;
Said thus, I have told you so in words
capitalistic theory is a perverted caustic impetuosity,
deserving of nothing less than absolute death
and its adherents have earned their lifetime’s overwrite;
You’re insecurities aside, do heed this call
this earth’s future needs desperately normality,
needs universal peace and worldwide prosperity
not this oligarchical perversity and it’s profiteering parasites;
All of US must raise a fuss…
be not limp in your response and be clear in your perspicacity,
within each of US there hides the stuff
you and you alone can arise and make good life’s requisite;
Dead and done is any counter argument’s point
capitalism as it stands today is leading to our nihility,
take the noble path, lay siege to capitalism’s sway
before our world suffers an eternally dark and untimely night


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