Friend in the Desert

inspired by Mini Ahmad

The sands of time,
are endlessly deep and eternally wide;
a void lost of mind,
to all thought, of life ending light;
shifting forever over all,
that at once was, and forever,
over and throughout all
that ever is, of future to come.
What is to come, must first be won,
that true friendship
borne upon forever;
it will bind our souls, in eternal brotherhood,
and allow all embraced by its cooling wind,
the chance in thought to truly mend
the differences of life’s bleak,
perplexing, and stigmatizing social blends.
On the light
of the first new dawn, will be justly drawn
that measure, of each new souls
true purpose;
and given this, each must remit
and leave hatred alone, to smother
and burn and die out upon
the sinless path, to Heaven’s home.
And on that moment,
when we call each other friend
and together walk hand in hand
as family members bound
with love’s true sight; the being divine,
the light of lights, in righteous fire defined;
will hear our minds, and clear our hearts
of the fears in this life, on earth, forever.
Michael Darrell Walker


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