Inspired by the word works of our very own NOREMOTE

where it is up, there is a man
there is this man within his game
his game is somewhat improbable, yet
although somewhat improbable it is not impossible
from improbable to not so impossible; to indeed initiated
an initiated direct link that almost arranges its own notes!
and when I look up; I see those little red eyes watching…
so tiny now… in the mirrors, of reflective surfaces and in
the lull of midnight and calm, dark dim of each new ray
that name given US; so critical yet really stupid of those
that monkey around in our business’, in our war, in our
drawer’ and cabinet’ and congress’; etc., etc., etc., etc…
to embark on a journey filled with intrigue’ and comets
minutia and some fun? Would that ever be a pleasure!
Dreaming and unexpected and dangerously
pleasuring dream; that seems somehow
surreal, yet quite willing I will, I will, do
this dreaming and then, what will you?
IAM imagining that will of yours just
spinning in upon itself and crying
out to Him whom does not care
to hear your cries and does not
feel you because you, do not
feel HIM!


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