Peripeteia Personified

What mountain’s top holds truth’s last stand,
its vista viewed as life’s specific grandeur;
promised above earth’s horizon,
soon home to you, this present era’s raconteur;
prized perch upon and soon so manned,
spirits to its solemn summit foregather;
path to an enlightened wizen,
your muse filled thoughts honed in poetic cyphers;
provides one’s mind now awakened,
to seek in kind more eminent words to rend;
precepts of bounteous support,
flow into Id’s dwell, providing thought’s forefend;
promoting writes that pummel sense,
denoting impression, belief, and feeling;
precious and precocious meaning,
admiration, mantic, and concise dealing;
perceptions clasp to subject’s spall,
expectation’s hasp to realization’s hold;
prompting an exclaimed juxtapose,
of notion, life’s devout connections and mould;
personal presumption’s peril prosed,
roughly penned, supplying one’s thoughts in depth probe;
preciosity thus is preened,
into the winds are tossed a lifetime’s burthen;
priming a write’s unveiling script,
releasing the inner wright’s uncloaked heathen;
presenting one’s cleared wit to plot,
sharing mind’s ought with an urging purpose;
proposing questions which allow,
an extension of one’s thoughts that is wordless;
perplexing, the gist of this prose,
the virtuous, or scandalous, who needs to know?
Peripety personified,
this scribbled stew taunts both one’s knowledge and nom;
perturbing, it burns at one’s nous,
its twisting and turning precludes mind’s entomb;
peacefully opening the mind,
exposing the probable in word and rhyme;
purposefully filling bland thoughts,
with evincing sneap it undrapes the sublime;
poetically its particles,
now hewn into this mountain top’s crown of stone;
stand-alone against all futures,
as casualties, onto the global winds there’re casually blown;
upon depth’s miles of sand and time,
out to the cloud, aloft in the vast of rhyme;
time’s touch is the perusal’s ruse,
subjecting one to this word wright’s sempre prime;
pinnacle swept with life’s enrobe,
of wittiness penned, its context thought’s elate;
seasoning the unveiling truths,
that so clarify the opened mind’s au fait.
Life’s thunder stood, on mountain’s top,
with trust of word and thorough thought undressing;
essence assumed each pen bled stroke,
each word to heart and beckons time’s beseeching;
completes in the soul that yearning,
which confirms one’s inner light yet burns of this;
your self intact, of yin and yang,
bound through all time, in thought filling works of wit.


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