"Rosicrucian Utopia"

“God of all beings
God of all life
in the humanity we
are dreaming of:
Politicians are profoundly humanistic and
strive to serve the common good;
Economists manage state finances with
discernment and in the interest of all;
Scientists are spiritualistic and seek
their inspiration in the Book of Nature;
Artists are inspired and express the beauty and
purity of the Divine Plan in their works;
Physicians are motivated by love for
their fellow-beings and treat both
the soul and the body;
Misery and poverty have vanished
for everyone has what
one needs to live happily;
Work is not regarded as a chore
it is looked at as a source
of growth and well-being;
Nature is considered to be the most
beautiful temple of all, and animals
are considered to be our brothers and
sisters on the path of evolution;
A World Government composed
of the leaders of all nations
working in the interest
of all humanity
has come into existence
Spirituality is an ideal and a way of life
which springs forth from a
Universal Religion, founded more upon
the knowledge of divine laws than
upon the belief in God;
Human relations are founded upon love
friendship, and community, so that
the whole world lives in peace and harmony.”

read a few more books, and you too, can find higher words of wisdom and humanity... although it appears this consciousness dwells only in a book... sorry state of affairs for the mockery, that you monkeys, are making of your Creator Father...


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