A question begs;
as do we all,
of what ever came first?
mull the quack
and deplume any bird,
you soon will clear your thoughts
to view more closely into your personal voids
a peeping peer into your inner fears of reality,
or a taste for sweet biscuits at Tea Time,
round half past ten; on any rainy day spent
reflecting upon these things, and the begging
question asked above, of this title or in the least
a more profounding inquisition’ stretch of flesh for feast...
Well then, on my thoughts putting aside
these worldly teachings thought, of course came first!
for nothing cannot become something
until thought becomes more than thinking!
Stinky loads of feces; Jesus!
this cannot be this easy!
thought, that becomes more than One thinking!
Einstein’; behind that proverbial, “Green Door”!
how abborant this thought an experienced naughty ought
once self is taught that more thinking more often than naught;
results in some miraculous U.S.? “Shut the Front Door”!
do not open the back trapped hordes to this construct;
that living is more than fate or luck or a playing out of one’s horrors...
Frightening Tomorrows; fleeing Pizarro’ or
shedding your blood for the profiteering touts and cash whores
of these one percent errors who terrorize this world
for their tenacious and continuing grip on World Power
from the wickedly dark terrepleins
they symbolically occupy above the all of US
which by the way is due to your bloods;
spilling out over this planets soils and waters...
Yes, you shite stools; it is your blood they sacrifice to their god
which empowers his will to be imposed over your minds!
Some time; I just “hit tht ole nail”, right square on its head!...
So, all of your strongest, and most verile seed is long dead
or presently dying, at the behest of the touts of that “Earthly Crown”
which in turn, are buns up kneeling
and taking it deep... FROM YOU KNOW WHO!


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