Welcomed, your minds
to this universe within
layered throughout, these time
folding tissues therein
is this disturbing you? finding
your will’s construct, does this
flight un nerve you? with it’s
fanciful slights of awe!
You, are worth learning; this substance
sans IAM, seek this
labyrinthine stairway, see just
short of center; air, is what
you breath, gravity, as you will it happens
you do have lungs? could be, it appears
this function is impaired
death, now here is a joking term
why fear? I’ll clarify the issue
you are fleshy tissue, new to the fresh
and forgetful nature of the spiritual
allow me to scratch the surface of
your essence’ atmosphere
Your choice, your problem; the sounds
of my voice you do not follow
I’ll be your glide, trust, that I hear
your questions, remember though, things
are not, as you now see
Oui, oui, monsieur; I agree with the
probability of my multiple personalities
Sybil! “I am he, and you are she
and we are all together”! differently, likewise
similar; all related, brothers and sisters
Overwhelmed by this chaos?
Welcome to the club!
Kings Castle, Patpong Rd. Bangkok, Thailand
still stands! where, oh boy! do you ever find
your daily piece of pieces!
Control yourselves! Remember not to drop
the soap! or otherwise; “bend down low
and let me show you what I know!”
Your world was created, because we
were partying, cosmically, on the “Go”
Connect these dots: window-pane, clear-light,
blotter-acid; brother can you sell me that dime?
brown bagger, your ghost, sometimes appears
projected abstractly astral, beyond your flesh!
One or another, familiar soul’s thinking
shite really does happen!
Humankind’s bounty bled of imagination or
an individual’s personal boundary’s pledge
an allegiance to whatever notion carries
this day; but not the future
benevolent violence interjects that manly spunk
back into the equation
looking languidly to trick loneliness
seeking to entrap your innocence in
the tact of lust’ energy
from that Manhattan Project’s first blast!
Nosferatu I ain’t!
all that maleficent extraction of tainted blood!
some choose this imagined out
butt, keep their true transgressions in that closet!
What, pray tell, is negative?
your shadow to my light? perhaps!
“we’ created living matters out of pure energy, capuche?
The future is; intuition’s guess, bested
by unreality’s Kafka-ecstatic order of thoughts
infusion on thinking’s conclusions arrived at
by burning sawdust after each midnight’s passing
well grasp my asp!, you believe these tricks?
then you will surely realize this; butt is ugly
when compared to face, or what
exactly is our “Outer Space”?
“you cannot handle the truth”, it is of
purest fabrication, rarely catching life’s
droppings, really? just glimpse your next scat, pile!
Passing time, like passing stool; one
must stop and squat to #2, maybe
or else hike up that “skirt” you are wearing!
your mind at rest… like a pebble
in a river, being tossed all over, in
the spring’s runoff, cough, cough!
Ahem… do not struggle to accept your
stagnation as a species, all that ever
begins, surely does so end; understand?
So let US forget our Sin, we are already
in the “bin”, ladened; heavy in the guts and spilled
blood of all the “wars”, innocent victims
Now, do you have that clue?
do you wish for one like me to eat
your selective amnesia before you are sent; wherever?
Earth, it is said, was created in one week
if you believe that myth; then ending it
should take a singular millisecond or longer!
Deduct whatever construct from your
brains and / or butts or both
realize the world is temporary; and how very
contrary to your misunderstood and ever so
limited in mind beliefs
Yes, it is a battle of ‘best interests” and
may that one human win; on!, on!
in mindfulness, not emptiness
do so do your very best
to ET it, and call home, just to
clarify this diatribe, and you need help
and the answers are not found in your houses!
connections, connections, connection… liftoff!
your God-Head must be found!
and stoned or realized as more
than memories in which you exist
Perfected Calculus; just as it is imperfectly
made unsound, by pushing buttons and not
knowing how to prove these automated figures
you, never learned to use, your Grandfather’s
slide-rules, fools! how then can you solve
for Pi to that nth degree
or vet any thirty-third. Solutions?
let US cut out the crap, my table is
opened 24/7’s all year long!
or, until this rock becomes
“another one turned to dust!”
Time is eternal, so do not quibble about
such an in-ordinary thing!
What rational question regards time?
expectation as conjecture or Dr. Lecter
Hannibal who crossed the Alps, or
he who made greyed mousse of a victims brains?
Fraccin, fragin, fricassee-in, Frankincense-in and Mir
or Merlin, conception proven trilogy; “Watt’s
the word?”, THUNDERBIRDS!!!
and I, do not mean that beautiful pearl
white 1956 model that my Uncle Dow
drove into town in 1968!
Overcame! impossible! what sense or sens
has you? Even if you are shooting blanks
the game is still bury that bird!
P.P.E. not P.P.F.; your Armour of God
is not a chaotic fit of faggotry!
imagine this, your brain gets simultaneously
pissed out of your ears, eyes, and nose!
Three in one; a holy hologram asp tease
you grasp tight that sub-primed numbered pawn!
your thinking is adrift and now
what was left, combines a weak Reich, three
strikes, and none of them are really Lucky
enough to clear your last huff, or
survive “Puff the Magic Dragon!”
Subjects, therefore, once perceived
prove one’s fantasy relived
you are “outed” by the
consciousness of the sun!
You, of flesh so weak and thought too meek
a limited edition, useless lump
of dung, you each have become!
compaction, compression, compassion’s
comprehension; Four Cee’ akin
to those Five F’
you recited when you were young
This analogy is meant, of course, to
squeeze and tease your universal selves
that pure energy dealt as one’s ace of spades
So wander or wonder; whatever is this
world to be; an within, within its inner self
seen all knowingly, all glowing bright
from that twinkle in God’s eyes!
a) welcome your universe within…
b) your, thoughts are worth learning…
c) death, is a cosmic joke…
d) allow me, to scratch your surface…
e) your choice, right or wrong, is your problem…
f) overwhelmed by chaos, welcome to my universe…
g) from that Manhattan Project’ first blast…
h) butt, is ugly, when compared to face; most of the time…
i) in mindfulness, not emptiness, do your very best…
j) you need help, and the answers are not found in your houses…
k) time is eternal, so do not quibble, about the small things…
l) you never learned to utilize, your common sense…
m) God’s eyes do twinkle!


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