If defined as finished, or
an ending to one’s episode’
ode to ends or green’ to spinach
yours is no worse than that
of a Spaniard’ trip to [Mexico]
back in those 1500’s… Shit!
Wait one moment, please “Troubadour”
explain to me and Lucy, just what
exactly does an analogy such as this
implore? Implication, or application; or
insinuation’ hordes; They’re certainly
weren’t no planned tropical trip vacation
as they travelled only with food
weapons, and Horses of War…
No other needs were considered necessary
by the “Queen” who was known as a being
close to one suggestion’ footnote, i.e.
“the Witch Queen of Sabbat”, or simply put
An inauspicious beginning starting right
here within; a line of thought not stumbling
as is that walk across the Corner
bar’s parking lot! However, if
closure is the subject here, we, need to
precede on this steadied course
arrival, survival, acceptable as
behavior sold!; for beneathe those pomp
and ceremonious touts and pimps, and
postulators, was a truth to soon to be exposed…
In a hearts beat, shite “hit the fans”
and Native Peoples learned that etiquette
of her Majesty, the “Queen of Spain and Pain”
for it was gold and riches to please
this witch and her bitches, which drove
her charges onward oer’ hill and devil and death…
Ya’ll know the rest? It is now the
21st Century Fixed, or millennial couture’ of
comfiture or cocaine cum coffee teed… Where
Spain’ secede from visible providence and blind
rule in these modern Mestizos dazes… blows
bubbles baby! Foaming Roman Legacy! Holy
Roman Empirical Duo; Dewar’s, do overs;
under and overs; ups and downs; or in the
“Outer Limits” of drugs and guns and
wan-too-bee white man’s whores…
Suffer the ignorant masses Moses… kill the
non-cooperating women and as for the children
entrapment, enslavement, mere sex-stools and
toys; for white Americana’ with loads of cash
to assault and Rape, and plunder the innocence
of heaven from the little brown girls and
of course, boys! Such perversions! At least
these Neo-victims are not being used as blood
sacrifices to some idol or mystic beast;
good question: Why is all these wickedness’
not withering away from being ruled by all
as inhuman? And, in extraction, before
extinction; can we induce any closure of this
dilemma; Any suggestions? Well, maybe
why not a few theater nukes, or some exotic
viral threat no, butt by white republican
neo-conning rhetoric—we sure need to build an
“IRON FENCE”, or curtain if you will, to keep
the fleeing brown hordes at bay…
Some attempt needs be made, perhaps on
this day? What do you all say? Hay is for
whores to sleep on, Do you have any Queer
Pompons? Are you afraid of death by Neutron
Bomb? Was there really an individual named
“Thomas Crapper”? you sit on his legacy all
day and night long! Closure of any con-con
consciousness, “is, what it is” None of my
business! You opened your own cans
of whoop-asp upon yourselves
Get the fuck busy and deal with it!


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