T͟Hə ˈsinikəl kləˈniSHən

Hear the clan clang
suppress your ringing ears
a-ding, a-ding, ring a-ding long dong!
ever get behind?
on your rent or on an auto payment
or a cement truck in traffic?
and exhibit your left handed toad
smile to that asshole behind
you laying on that damned noisy horn!
I wander to there, from here and
then spin around and do it all
over again and again… and still I am
stuck here on this plain with the
muddle of humanity, are you feeling this?
hearing this, experiencing this like me?
the whisperings, those voiced over thinly things
the ground cowers as I scrape the street’s
filth off of my hooves! What! Are you surprised?
or afraid, or just indifferent to this
vision of a being with those type of boots!
Given a hoot; what tone do you toot?
while your particular style of “boots” scoot
about and bulge out of your fattened
calves… I notice these characteristics
and enjoy that “special pair” of boots or
more; jaguar skinned with lots of sparkles on
the rise… makes my “emotion” get some
motion upward! Just for the thought of that
“one”, wearing them sans clothing and that
aye patch of body hair right down there…
Am I treading intrepidly, treating and tricking
or treating scurrilously through tramps and
trembling, terrified and trumpeting trysts
and turning out trust and lust and bust’
preferring your sweetest treats and tricks
me, being all up and deeply in them!
Sew, or sow, or sow, as in hefty as one
most of you fumes and fem-want-to-benz’!
Slap me baby; get real clinically crazy
and do not be lazy about your feeling my
feelings out of my worn jeans; Billy! Whoa!
Subdue yourselves! Review your health! Be glad
that I do not release my selves upon your
singularity sans it’s heretical hysteria’!
Are you all reading me!
I wonder and ponder the point of wandering
or awakening on each dawning; drawing
conclusion towards these illusions about one
moment’s collusion in this beyond imagination’ collision
give this last line the “Snoop Dog” if you please!
Between these thought provoking bootie pairs
and my physical delusion’s mentally-protruding
into the centers of those creased and weeping
sweetness’s tasty for this other worldly Prince or thing
to gobble greedily and lap top hungrily in
this thinking’ eternity without risking paternity
suites or wearing suits or giving your coochie
that every man swears about and anyone cares
whether you get wetter and wetter as you
too simmer within “her”…
taking over your pent up emotions and physical
devotion to that little thang you all refer to
as “the money maker”, “ball breaking”, “claim staker”
and “fabulous-so fucking machine”! I meaning “she”
when nude and paired with those “boots” is all that!
Even in the brightest of daze, lurid and lurking about
for my next “meal”, I imagine peeling off
your tight skinned things, and getting busy…
Sweetest felicities’; underwired to trap and tease
please in your fantasy give “her” all to me!
and fill my belly full of your “puddy kats gum”!
What a song you will sing as you’re trembling’s
down you to your knees; earth-quaked until you
cry out to the highest one you call to in
those seconds of your complete surrender to my
touch and member probing all of your openings!
Are your soaked panties falling to your knees?
I wonder what it would take to please your needs
and plow through your fields of reality and not
dwell on this probability that you too… are
asking yourself these very same questions; of me!
Clinically speaking!
Or is this just cynical thinking and it is stinky?


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