Waiting too Volunteer

Like pulling teeth, with a string piece,
tied to the foyer door;
chocolates melt quicker… in an oven,
hands or arms, silent alarms, ears ring;
dressed as that sweats stag, lacking tobacco,
resist that resistance, be owned self’s insistence;
sweetly soured, somewhat dour,
what is this hour;
temptation’s abound,
tease this hungry hound, whatever;
cherished, sherries treats,
each to soothe the need;
yearning learned,
burning sordid, boiling’s seeds;
flower’s lacking, architect’s slacking,
building’s crumpled stock;
however, daunting issue’s quest,
needs be this structural block;
willingly thorough, one moment’s esquire,
Gardena’s council kowtows;
threshed be bending,
supple sup the sweetmeats;
borough be bending, suckled scents,
entice howling’s boughs;
thighs gently imparting,
joust this penning’s entreat.
Michael Darrell Walker


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