The you of me that is
For all on this
But what they know & like
Is just a form of now
Life down she’s by
Way of love
Take her back through
Come away make his world feel more night into man could die right
Still oh mind again
Think to they’re heart
Tell them nothing about light
Nothing about blood
Inside around every face
Keep the things soul
Said long dead baby
Things live here
God hear another new lost head
Fear made him believe hell is a thought
I come to see the real you
Burn you
Leave you free
Creation myth, a Blackfoot Indian who Im with & we chant
I want to be real indian
I am not from here
Look up
I go they’re
To feel my real burn
Wishing & wishing
The complexity of my irregular brain could make you learn
understand therefore I am everything, everyone in my own hands
Blackfoot what is wrong with me?
Blackfoot says nothing at all

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