Time is up
time to senesce
green usefulness sucked out
left to hang
our unburdened colour shines
our photogenic death throes
gasped at by the woodshy masses
here for the hangover pics
before a downward trajectory
demotes us to a mulchy  
centuries old muddy sleep
until we’re sucked aloft again
to be kissed by
that distant summer Prince
such is the cycle
we are in
with long-lost consequences


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Robert L. Martin
más de 4 años

It is to look forward to the change of seasons when springtime rolls around again. I hate winter and can't wait until springtime again. All nature comes alive again.

Mr Moonlight
más de 4 años

Is that the promise to carry us through the winter? Or is the cold a helpful reminder of our frailty in the face of nature, and to be embraced in itself?

Robert L. Martin
más de 4 años

Springtime will grace us soon again with its vibrant green hills waking up to the arrival of summertime. The spirit within us will sing with all its might.

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