Striding with purpose
I pass the perfume
“No thanks”
past glitter doll eyes
and boxes to die for
the faux-fur torment of hungry looks
lashes of lingerie in my face
(rigid eyes in place)
I find the comfort of the kitchen space
where science meets design
In comfortable territory my limbs venture
from their terrified huddle
to flail, with merry purpose
from one almost-needed item to the next
they settle with the cool calm of settling snow
onto something that will more than just-do!
something to revolutionise our lives!
Our corn-fork primed kitchen armoury
will allow conversation of a less vacuous kind
to fill gaps reserved for deciding
which utensil, is to be re-divined
and we shall flourish, unconstrained
Unless we talk about their colour,
which I thought matched the wallpaper.


When you convince yourself you've found the perfect gift

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Mr Moonlight
más de 4 años

Thank you Sir, and the same to you!

steven t.
más de 4 años

Passes you a corkscrew...the one and only truly essential kitchen utensil...nice work...cheers for the New Year!

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