a gentle walk

a budding friendship

a gentle walk
               a budding friendship
yonder to the pathway we’d walk
wait for the weather to settle down
a nice springtime colors stroll we’d
ready to jump in the mud around
oh how we wish Poseidon raise
the trident to Zeus his brother
stop the rain howling wind the haze
let Helios beam through the lush
  canopies... dry this earth ‘ere
to the pathway we will enjoy gently
waiting for the cloud cover to clear settle
a nice spring flowers and all stroll we’d
  been talking
ready to jump and puddle the mud around
alas! out from the sky barns Aeolus
whipping thundering let rip the winds
once more mortals this side of Eden
stew over the piercing gyros blowing
  out their minds
ah... our nascent friendship budding
along the trail bushes uncensored songs
   from the birds joyful
Yonder down to the pathway gentle we’d be walking
ready to jump into the mud puddle blissful
a budding friendship... we talk
a sunlit pathway... we walk
Photo:A Pathway In Austria/ unsplash

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