we start all over
every morning we wake up
we let go
all things we had
the day before
things we lullabied about
all night to give us
a decent rest
help heal our soul
for the next moment
the next breath we take
from our faith we know
we believe
is a healing taken in
we wake up
we smile
and we repeat
a new day
a new set of things
different circumstances
familiar to a routine
to endure
take the punches
accept the pain
yes the bruises are there
purple red and blue
we cope with
we pinch ourselves
alive we are
spirits soar
we accept
we move on
we repeat
we have faith
we believe
the sun is always there
behind a dark cloudy day
and we carry on
Photo:ndr a beach near Manila -WhiteRock Subic Beach Resort 2008

The power of prayer is in its miracle. Light is there at all times.

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Charlotte B. Williams
2 mois

Day to day life, you summed it up. Sometimes it seems like a mystery,
then you realize it’s Oh so real. Enjoyed.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
2 mois

Yes. And no two days in our life are the same, amazing.
Thanks Charlotte. Take care.

Robert L. Martin
2 mois

Something makes us go through the grind and not give up

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
2 mois

Thanks Robert.
We sip our warm coffee every morning. And we go.

2 mois

Reminds me of Julia Roberts "Eat Pray Love"


Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
2 mois

I have not seen the movie and will see it this shelter-in time as we eat, pray and love. Love Julia Roberts. Beautiful pretty woman.

Thanks for liking Brod.

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