Spring Sun

April Thaw
        Spring Sun
Funny again you begin to smile and talk
Baby talk to yourself clearly you know
The flowers are saying hello to you birds
Woke you tweeting in the predawn morn
Birds of paradise glorious exquisite in full
Color regalia sun pampered the rainbows
Dare not be but on ice be in limbo till the
Next drizzle when the clouds out the sun
Doldrum months cold biting midnight air
Out from afternoons of spaghetti westerns
You sought quiet relief from walking meditation
Scrape the winter plaques clear off your bones
Hands in breast pockets you walked around
A couple of miles around a couple of houses
You breathe out misty clouds you wish enough
Would find its way up be tiny droplets of water
As the sun begins to shine fresh buds look up
The slopes blossom spread their peacock colors
Warm again you hear yourself smiling baby talking
Clearly an April thaw showers to rainbows galore
Photo:ndr Bird of Paradise 2016


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Nelson D Reyes
circa 2 anni

In bed now and waiting for a mild earthquake strong enough to shake my body and soul, rid of some winter blues and clear every nook and cranny of my noggin for the flavors of spring and summer and fall. Just musing ;—>

Thanks Brod glad you like. Corto pants time!

circa 2 anni

I will "Scrape the winter plaques clear off your bones" when the temps here in H-Town will be high 70s. I love spring poems, Brings a new spark knowing I can start wearing shorts when I go out. Like! Thanks Brod

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