Cosmic Gilding

Into Infinity

The Cosmic Gilding
Following the Light from the Word
The thunderous sound from chaos
Penetrates the silence of the unknown
In the loop as Time standing still like
A lighthouse watchman unperturbed
The fire and sound warp sped to cosmic
Eye distances beyond space horizons
Echoing a trail of Baroque like music
Through the universes of dark matter
Kindling the primordial mayhem debris
Spreading into fiery outer space vortices
Like a fire blowing dragon hissing smoke
Rocks settling into pockets of galactic
Star families now huddling around heaving
With clusters of suckling celestial bodies
Some captured light and sprouted flowers
Others kept dark empty craters eerily quiet
Man in front and center of the Creation
In awe from and of the Eden lush with life
Yet so much more to come as the gilding
Of the Cosmic Garden has just begun only
Eons ago following the Light from the Word
Photo:ndr Breckenridge Ski Resort CO

As my Bohemian soul would be out there he’d be part of it.

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