Daisies And Daffodils

Spring Love

Daisies and Daffodils
                    Spring Love
Kiss me
Capture the words I love you
On my lips always there
You alone to have yes true
Touch me
Capture the moment wonderful akin
To sea breeze cool to your beautiful mythical face
You alone to soak in breathe in
Hold me
Capture the pulsating love
A sea wave cresting ever the winds caress
You alone to take to possess
Love me
A cool fresh pure soft lavender scent
Swirl between our naked bodies
As the sun hid behind the ragged clouds and emerged with yellow pansies
At once a touch of spring sways
a visual concert of daffodils and daisies
That abound as we embrace kiss touch hold  love lay down
On the cool emerald clover meadow
Over our hearts now warm our hands lay
Fingers clasped the other pair
Kiss touch hold love and treat
Rekindle reinvigorate repeat

Kiss touch hold love and treat...repeat

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