Echoes of the Sixties

Scrambled Eggs With Rosemary

Echoes of the Sixties
                  Scrambled Eggs With Rosemary
A brunch of scrambled eggs and dark coffee
Sounds especially good this Sunday noonish morn
After a late tossing turning night insomniacky
No fresh herbs left in the fridge from the other
Night’s stew dinner except one rosemary sprig
Dried parsley sage and thyme in the pantry there
Protest songs social upheavals late cafe musings
The sixties flash back in my mind the folk music
Fires in the streets Molotov cocktail sparks looting
Vietnam war fraternity war Kent State shooting
Status quo revolution sexual freedom street gangs
Chasing girls after dark campus trysts loving kissing
Mao-Ho Chi  Castro-Che  Lenin-Marx
Kennedy brothers King KKK Koldwar Nixon
Ayn Rand Kierkegaard Camus Kant Sartre
Brutal architecture divine faith engineering Bauhaus
Taliesin West poetry Fallingwater poetry Art nouveau
Red light districts live sex shows Chinatown chows
In a maze of traffic the streets of Manila were choking
Not unlike the cities and campuses across the Pacific
Masses coughing from toxic smell of petrol tires burning
Yet gingerly tip toeing on thin glass over it all
The elites the so called one percenters and
Tenured corrupt public servants are in denial
As flowers decorated the guns’ barrel ends
Student activists were dying from gunfire
Truce emerged but the glass remain stiffened
Ahh... Scarborough Fair... impossible demands
The dawn of a new decade saw jumbo jets
Cross the seas to the land of the four seasons
Full of aspirations angst and hope the dreamers
Activists in their own rights braved the unknown
Crossed the ocean to a land that is better greener
As I mused and cracked a couple of jumbo organic eggs
Status quos business as usual in the country they’d left
Stripped the organic rosemary over the scrambled eggs
Hendrix punched out Woodstock’s peace love and harmony
Three men rocketed to the moon left footprints and a flag
Giant leaps and the sixties closed with short lived euphony
Events some that are graven on my memory
“grow merry with time” not impossible with
Comfort strength love and courage
“Parsley sage rosemary and thyme “
Photo: NASA Moon footprint Public Domain
YouTube: Ernst Stolz Music, under two minutes; street scene ca. medieval times

Indelible Sixties a few highlights.

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