a primal burst

           a primal burst
cooing loving birds
and evenings
you hear them
a whole range of calls
loving murmuring teasing
loud and harsh sometimes
to soft and lullabyish
at twilights oftentimes
primal innocence you sleep from
and get up to and smile and repeat
crows sing as well
scream notoriously loud
but you
get used to them
like a sleep timer
wakes you up in the
morning shoo shoo them
away from the balcony
and they remember you
the next morning
they stream overhead
late afternoons
no not geese like chevron
but scattered all over
the sky
a quick flight from
millions of them
on their way to roost
no not in the city towers
nor on the trees
along the highways
their favorite stop over
a large tree across
our house
where they squawk
swirl in and volute out
more squawking and swirling
never ending vortex
in and out through
the canopy though
the branches
waiting for the next batch
before flying away
exploding like starlings
all at the same time
bursting out of the tree top
spreading like fireworks
no not red white and blue
deep black
against a clear blue sky
against an overcast one
against a white sky
shooting straight up
arching and circling
trapeze like
dancing calling a love dance
more passionate
than the seventeen year cicadas
mastered the love fly over
years epochs eras ago
a second nature now
primordial in black
deep black
against a clear blue sky
against an overcast one
against a white sky
a sight to see
a connection with
the primordial birds
like touching ages old
mushroom hiding
under a jurassic fern
firecracker goosebumps
down your spine
Photo: Burnaby- a gathering of crows bursting from a tree

Happy fireworks New Year’s Eve everyone!

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